Bamses Auktioner

Bamses Auktioner is a familyowned fast growing auction house in the south of Sweden. Our focus is both on our local clients and on the world wide market through the internet. In the last 10 years the company has grown into one of the biggest auctionhouses in the south of Sweden. Today we have customers all over the world. You will find us in Svedala 20 km from Malmoe and the Öresundbridge.


We work with three different auctiontypes:


Weekly auctions



Buying is very easy at Bamses Auktioner. Here are our conditions and how the site works.


Terms and conditions:


On the hammered price comes a buyerscommission of 20% incl. Swedish VAT.


Pursuant to the Swedish copyright act a droit de suite (artistic royalty) of 5% (exclusive VAT) of the hammer price will be payable by the byer for works of art by artists during their lifetime and another 70 years thereafter. Works of art selling for less than SEK 1965 are excluded. Works of art qualifying for droit the suite are marked with (D) in the catalouge.


Condition of the lots

All objects are sold as they are seen in existing condition. Prospective buyers should inspect the quality and condition of the object themselves before the auction. Bamses Auktioner does not under any circumstances accept any liability for natural wear and tear, minor damages and defects etc. Clocks and instruments etc are sold as objects of art with no guarantee of their technical function.



The estimates of the objects in the catalouge are low market appraisals. They serve as a guide for the prospective buyer. They do not serve as limits. The final price may vary considerably from the estimate - both above and under the estimate. Mostly above.


Information given in the catalogue serves as guidance for the buyer. Information in the catalouge concerning artist, authenticity, age, technique and condition serves only as guidance for the purchaser in connection with his/her examination of the lot. Bamses Auktioner is not liable if the information provided turns out to be incorrect, unless the incorrect information is a result of gross negligence.


Bamses Auktioner reserves the right to change the catalogue descriptions in writing or orally in connection with the auction.


Liability for defects

Bamses Auktioners liability for defects on a lot is limited to the total amount the customer has paid for the lot when it was bought at Bamses Auctioner.



Payment  can be made immediately after the hammer has fallen. If you have a bidding paddle and are in the showroom  payment should be made at the end of the auction.


Customers abroad who leave absentee bids in writing or over the internet, or bid over the telephone automatically recieve a  7 day credit, from the auctionday, until the lot must be paid.


We accept payment in Swedish, Danish and Norweigian currencys and Euros (Cash), all major creditcards (accept for American Express) are accepted. Have in mind if you are going to pay with a creditcard you have to pay a commission of 3% incl. Swedish VAT. Objects not paid for in time are charged with penalty interest of 2% per month.


A lot is the seller's property until full payment for the lot has reached Bamses Auktioner.


Collection of lots

Lots can be collected as soon as full payment has reached Bamses Auktioner.

Lots should be collected as follows:

Weekly auction: Auctionday or the day after the auction 9 am to 6 pm.

Qualityauction: Auctionday or the week after the auction

(Mon 1 pm to 6 pm Thue-Fri 9 am to 6 pm.).

Internetauction: All days we are open for collecting lots.


If you would like to collect yor lots outside the stated times you must arrange this with Bamses Auctioner before the sale!


Lots not collected on time will be charged a penalty fee according to an external pricetariff.



We can help foreign customers to pack and send packages all over the world. We charge a small fee for this service, but it's priced almost at self-cost.



To place a bid is free of charge

Withdrawal of placed bidds is not possibel

The bidder is bound to stand by his placed bids.


Different ways to bid:

In the showroom: Bidding should be made in a clear voice or by unambiguous sign, preferably by using a numbered paddle, which may be obtained from customer service before the auction.

Absentee bids

Bidding over the internet

Telephone bidding


Absentee bids and bidds delivered over the internet must be placed, at the latest the day before the sale. Telephonebidding is only possible for registered customers. The auctionhouse decide in each case if to allow telephonebidding or not.

Bamses Auktioner treats biddingassignments confidentially and bids as favourable as possible on behalf of the buyer. However, Bamses Auktioner is not liable for any loss that the client may be caused if Bamses Auktioner fails to carry out the bidding assignment.


All objects are sold to the highest bidder.

In event of equal bids, the first registered bid will lead to purchase.

In the event of disputes , equal bids, that may arise during bidding the autioneer alone will decide conclusively which bid confers the right to purchase.


Tabel of raises:

0-500 kr 50 kr rais

500-1000 kr 100 kr rais

1000-5000 kr  100-200 kr rais

5000-10000 kr 500 kr rais

10000-50000 kr  1000 kr rais

50000-100000 kr 5000 kr rais

100000 eller mer 10000 kr rais


When you place absentee bids or bid over the internet you place your maximum bid on the lot. Customer service bid as favourable as possible on your behalf according to the tabel of raises up to your given limit for the lot. If the bidding in the showroom takes place with higher raises than the stated tabel, customer service will follow the biddingpace in the showroom.



All customer information is treated confidentially

To register is free of charge

You must be over 18 years old to register

When you register on the internet you have to fill in all mandatory information.

You must agree to follow our terms and conditions in this agreement.

When registering you agree to let Bamses Auktioner use your customer information according to the Swedish law PUL.


My Page

On "My page" you can see your placed bids and bidstatus before a sale. After a sale you can see bought lots. You can see the information both for our hammered auctions and our internetauctions. You log in with your customernumber and password.



Disputes concerning these terms shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law at a

court in Sweden.


If you want to register and have questions call us at Telephone: 0046-40-400045. Welcome!