Bamses Auktioner

Bamses Auktioner is a familyowned auction house in the south of Sweden. Our focus is both on our local clients and on the world wide market through the internet. In the last 10 years the company has grown into one of the biggest auctionhouses in the south of Sweden. Today we have customers all over the world. You will find us in Svedala 20 km from Malmoe and the Öresundbridge.


We work with three different auctiontypes:

Qualityauctions: Here we sell antiques, art and the best lots from the estates we handle under the period.

Weekly auctions: Here we sell everything with in a normal home.

Internetauctions: Here we sell various things.


We have ”weekly auctions” with one to three weeks in between, all year around. Two to four times per year we have international qualityauctions. We always have our auctions on a Sunday. If you would like to know when we are going to have our next sale click the calendarbutton our sign up for our e-mail service.


You will find us on the following address and telephone:


Bamses Auktioner

Svarvareg. 6

233 51 Svedala


Tel: 040-400045, 040-974950

Fax: 040-405873


To get directions click ”Map” Welcome!