Order catalouge

If you would like to order our catalouge to the next qualityauction do like this:

1. The price for our catalouge is 80 sek and that includes postage.
Send us a fax with your name and address, telephone, creditcardnumber and
expirationdate. Write a permission for us to charge your creditcard with 80
sek. Sign it. We charge your card from our own terminal (Not over the
internet.). When we have taken the money we will send you the catalouge and a
receipt from our terminal of the cardtransaction. The faxmessage will be
destroyed as soon as we have charged your card. No information about you will
be stored.

Fax number: 0046-40-405873.


2. Send 80 sek or 10 Euros in an envelope to us. Along with that put an envelope
with your own name and address.

Send it to:

Bamses Auktioner
Svarvareg. 6
233 51 Svedala

When we send the catalouge to our customers we will send you your catalouge.