After a sale

Hammered prices

The hammered prices for the last sale are published in the auctionlist/catalouge for each auctiontype. If we have had a qualityauction, click ”Qualityauction”. You will get the whole catalouge and the hammered prices for this sale. You do in a similar way you if you want the results for a weekly auction or an internetauction. You can also choose to click ”Next auction”.


My Page

On "My page" you can see your placed bids and bidstatus before a sale. After a sale you can see your bought lots. You can see the information both for our hammered auctions and our internetauctions. You log in with your customernumber and password.



Weekly auctions: Payment should have reached Bamses Auktioner at the latest 6 pm the day after the sale. (Customers abroad get a 7 day credit automatically.)

Qualityauctions: Payment should have reached Bamses Auktioner, at the latest, 6 pm 7 days after the sale.

Internetauctions: Payment should have reached Bamses Auktioner, at the latest, 6 pm 7 days after the sale.


We accept payment in Swedish, Danish and Norweigian currencys and Euros (Cash), all major creditcards are accepted (Accept for American Express). Have in mind if you are going to pay with a creditcard you have to pay a commission of 3% incl. Swedish VAT. Objects not paid for in time are charged with penalty interest of 2% per month.


You can also choose to transfer money to our bankaccount. Our bank is SEB.

European customers can use our Iban account for faster transfer of your payment.  Use the Swift code outside Europe.


Swift account: ESS ES ESS 5502 10 059 28

Iban: SE 895 000 0000 0 55021005 928



If you transfer money and want to come and collect your lots within 7 days from your moneytransfer, Please bring or fax us the receipt of the moneytransfer. It takes 7 days before we can see your money on our account.


Collection of lots

Lots can be collected as soon as full payment has reached Bamses Auktioner.

Lots should be collected as follows:

Weekly auction: Auctionday or the day after the auction 9 am to 6 pm.

Qualityauction: Auctionday or the week after the auction

(Mon 1 pm to 6 pm Thue-Fri 9 am to 6 pm.).

Internetauction: All days we are open for collecting lots.


If you would like to collect yor lots outside the the stated times you must arrange this with Bamses Auctioner before the sale!


Lots not collected on time will be charged a penalty fee according to an external pricetariff.



We can help foreign customers to pack and send packages all over the world. We charge a small fee for this service, but it's priced almost at self-cost.