Sell at Bamses Auktioner


To sell at Bamses Auktioner is easy. We belive that our big customer stock will grant you a good price for your consigned lot. We offer you to sell items in the following auctiontypes:


Qualityauction: We sell better art and antiques

Weekly auctions: We sell everything you can find in a home.

We can also buy objects directly from you and you will get cash in your hand immediately.


How you choose to sell your objects is up to you. If you choose to sell at Bamses Auktioner we always do our best to get your lots to the right auction with the right marketing.


All assignments are of interest

You can consign a single lot to a whole home. No assignment is to small or big.


Our valuers can visit you at home

If you have a lot of things you would like to sell our staff can visit you at home.


Contac us at:

Telephone 0046-40-974950.